When Do Miracles Happen?

We all have a want.  A longing.  A desire.  We crave transformative experiences so profound that our perspective transcends the world of illusion.  We want to go beyond our limits and know that we are so much more than what our physical senses tell us. We want the best for ourselves, our children, and for those whom we share deep connections with.  

And yet, like little children who are lulled to sleep, we sub-consciously resign our ache for peace and prosperity to the dominant forces of sorrow, violence, ambivalence, destruction, and  hatred happening everyday. 
So we sleep, hoping that one day the nightmare will be over.  

But who really wants to live like that?  I don’t.  And I don’t think you do either.  The problem is, it is very easy to get stuck thinking that there isn’t anything we can do to make our lives any other way than what they are.  Our heart is willing but our mind is caught in a drag net of doubt and insecurity.    

So all of heaven comes rushing in to help . . . but the help is often disguised in the winds of change.  And by nature, we are not always comfortable with change  – even when we know it is the best thing for our given circumstance.  

However, just below the changing form, is the seed for growth.  When change is not welcomed, we must look beyond the circumstances in our physical reality and look to the infinite world of energy and possibility.  Miracles happen when we move our attention from the physical to the non-physical.    

Change is to our spirits as pruning is to a flower.  So often we don’t even know how much we needed the change until after it has happened.   And we are left shaking our heads saying, “I should have done that a long time ago.”  That is the miracle.  It is miraculous that we now have new insight that moves us more confidently towards our dreams and desires.  

I think giving energy to our dreams also means giving energy to changing our minds about our dreams.  Our dreams are not just meant to come true some day.  No!  Our dreams are untapped potential and will never be realized until we believe that today is the day we will nurture them, take steps towards them, and consistently give positive thought and feeling energy to them.  

To take this one step further . . . the deeper purpose to realizing our sweetest dreams isn’t really about the dream at all.  It is about realizing who we are.  It is about knowing ourselves in a much more expanded, prosperous, and enlightened way. 

It is about allowing the fullness of our being to come forth and radiate loving and empowered energy, uninhibited by the illusory world of fear.   If a dream or desire lives within us, then it is a part of us.  Our role is to catch up to it by evolving our consciousness to the level by which the dream vibrates.  At that point, miracles happen and dreams are realized.

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