Trade In Your Resolutions for Transformation

So here we go!!!! Another start to another year! For me, I’m not really into the whole resolution thing and what I want to accomplish in the New Year.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have hopes, dreams, and aspirations of what I want to manifest and experience in my life. 

There are many things I am ridiculously passionate about . . . one of them is how I can empower amazing individuals who are ready to transform their lives in a positive and inspiring way.  Broadening my education and learning the spiritual traditions of other cultures are all but intoxicating to me! I love growing my work, expanding my relationships and transmuting my own limitations. 

But it’s all so deeply meaningless if I don’t do this one very important thing . . .

I must BECOME the greatest version of myself while in the pursuit of realizing those dreams. But what does that really mean?  It means that we must value the journey more than the destination or end result. 

It means using the journey as an opportunity to learn how to love ourselves and others more deeply, let go of our mistakes and imperfections, and appreciate how we are evolving within the process.  It’s about cultivating a pure heart, one that is free of self hatred and sabotage.  It’s about dreaming our dreams while letting go of the expectations of how they will manifest.  More importantly, it’s about letting go of the old narrative of who and what we think we are.

I have come to see that when I trade the importance of outcomes for bravery, vulnerability, and courage, I accomplish more than what I could have ever dreamed of in ways that I didn’t know were possible. 

I have also come to see that when I make decisions and take action towards those things that support my greatest expression in the world, no matter how much they make me want to throw up because I’m terrified of failing, I find on the other side of those decisions a deeper, richer, and stronger relationship with myself and Spirit. 

And that relationship is the life force energy that gives me the strength to step out of my comfort zone and do the uncomfortable and what I perceive to be the impossible.  I love the dreams I dream. I love the goals I set for myself.  But nothing ignites the fire in my soul they way Spirit dreams her dreams through me, for me and reveals them to me in the most profound ways . . . when I decide to get out of the way and simply show the hell up.It’s never completely about the outcome.  

It’s never just about the money, success, weight loss, and the accumulation of things.  It’s always about who we are becoming in the pursuit of those things.  When we embrace that philosophy, we embrace process and we begin to understand there is nowhere to go and nothing to gain . . . only the experience of life itself.

So who do you want to become in 2019?  What inner transformation do you desire for yourself? By this time next year, who do you envision yourself being? How do you want to feel? How can you turn the challenges of last year into incredible growth opportunities for this year?  What would you have to let go of and leave behind in order to fulfill your heart’s calling?  Who would you have to become for your most magnificent brilliance to shine and radiate from the core of your being?  Whatever your answers are . . . go be THAT and allow the expected and unexpected to unfold and pleasantly surprise you!

Happy New Year! And cheers to a New You!

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