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1:1 Personalized Relationship Coaching 

What if I told you that relationships – be it your romantic partner, children, co-workers, family members, friends etc. could actually be fun, rewarding, and immensely satisfying? 
What if I also told you that you could eliminate over half of your external conflicts through achieving internal transformation?  And what if I told you that improving your self worth and value could alleviate unnecessary stress, worry, and repressed anger and resentment within your most challenging relationships?  Would you buy in?

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Fire Ceremony:

Fire ceremonies are powerful rituals that allow you to release unwanted subconscious programming and patterns, honor and integrate the lessons from your old belief structures, and summon the necessary passion and alchemy to manifest your new dreams and visions.

When working with the healing and sacred medicine of fire, it’s important to remember you are also working with the wisdom of ancient traditions and indigenous people who discovered thousands of years ago how to achieve rapid transformation at the soul level.

Please email Jayne at for more details about how she can facilitate a fire ceremony at your next event, workshop, retreat, or special occasion.

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Many of my clients describe my work as:

  • Powerful
  • Transformative
  • Deep
  • Profound
  • Intuitive
  • Life Changing
  • Brilliant
  • Authentic
  • An Energetic Genius

Who Are My Best Clients?

I will be honest with you . . . I’m not built for playing small and neither are my clients.  I have come way too far, worked too hard, and devoted too much of my life force energy towards my own soul’s growth . . . and so have my clients. 

That’s what makes us a perfect match for each other!  They are focused, committed, and intentional about getting the transformation they deserve.  And I am passionate, dedicated, and skilled in how to help them achieve it.   

Betrayal?  Been there.  Abandonment?  We were once best friends.  Co-dependency?  Used to be my “drug of choice”.  Heartbreak?  I know them all by name.  I get it.  I also get how to transform this trauma into greater self love, appreciation, and gratitude which allows for a new found connection and love within all of my relationships.  And this is exactly what I will show you how to do to create the same for yourself.   

My best clients clearly recognize their soul’s healing is just as important as the air they breathe and food they eat.  They know they have to have it in order to continue living.  If this resonates with you, I would love to have the opportunity for us to chat and figure out how we can best co-create a healing and transformative experience within all of your relationships. 

What You Can Expect from Working With Me!

  • A deeper understanding of who you have been and who you want to become within your relationships.
  • A greater sense of self respect, value, and worthiness.
  • The ability to set and maintain healthy boundaries.
  • How to communicate and listen without being triggered.
  • How to depersonalize other people’s expectations, opinions, judgments, and agendas.
  • How to become more emotionally available to yourself and therefore attracting others that are too.
  • The power of transforming Co-dependency into Self Love.
  • A deeper awareness of sub-consciousness programming, patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving your highest excitement.
  • Tools, strategies, and processes that will improve your ability to clearly define your truth, communicate that truth to others with confidence, and bring greater balance to your needs and desires.
Jayne’s ability to intuitively pinpoint my emotional blocks to loving myself and others more freely has been very liberating. Our work together has brought me an awakened sense of myself, acceptance for what has been, and peace knowing that I can create the kind of relationships I desire in the future.
Amber Houmes
Austin, Texas