Retrieving the Lost Parts of Ourselves

Wouldn’t it be so fantastic if we were born adults and we actually grew into being a kid? And we could take all of the wisdom, experience, and perspective we gained as adults with us into childhood? So that when we got there we could actually survive it in a way that wouldn’t nearly destroy us for the rest of our lives?

It’s not adulthood that is so horrendous. It’s freaking childhood that derails us before we ever truly get started in this world. Seriously. What kind of set up is this? We’re born completely defenseless and dependent. Our brain isn’t developed to process our care giver’s insecurities, abandonment issues, addictions, unavailability, temper tantrums, religious rants, selfishness, or their self esteem being in the toilet.

Oh! And let’s throw in the fact that many of us grew up not knowing what in the world to do with our experience of seeing “dead people”, having premonitions of things that would happen, or just simply having a deep sense of knowing that something about the whole scene we are growing up in is seriously off the rails.

For a lot of folks, it’s an absolute train wreck right off the get go. It’s interesting to me that we have this idea that because we are adults, we should now have our life together. We should know what we want, who we are, and the direction we’re going in. And the truth is . . . we don’t. At least not all of us.

Not because something is wrong with us or because we don’t have enough education or “this is just the way we are.” No. It’s because we could not make heads or tails out of the world we were first introduced to. From an early age, our mental and emotional circuits got jammed up in the way we feel about ourselves, who we believe ourselves to be, what we make up about the world, and how we perceive others.

Most people have a negative twist on themselves. Many of us go to bed at night with unspoken doubt about being enough. Being lovable enough. Being valuable enough. Being accepted enough. Being smart enough. And the list goes on.
The sad but very true thing is . . . many people leave this planet and make their transition with feeling that way.

The good news is, you and I don’t have to. If we choose a path of unconditional love, acceptance, recognition, and validation for who we are, just as we are, with no demand to fix what we perceive to be broken within us, we can heal and transform the imbalanced beliefs, stories, and identities that were created in our formative years.

My area of expertise is relationships and I’m brilliant when it comes to understanding how relationships work. The only reason I’m good at it is because I have suffered terribly in so many of them – everything from family to romantic to business and everything in between.

What I have come to see is, through my own journey of healing and transformation, when we love who we are, our relationships are much more peaceful, fulfilling, and satisfying. When we don’t, they aren’t. Simple concept but not easy implement.

If our lives aren’t working the way we would like, it’s not because of anything outside of us or the Universe or Spirit is holding out on us. It’s because there is an inner child wound that needs to be healed. And I get it. That can sound absurd to some people.

“My mother was the most beautiful angelic woman on the planet. She was graceful, elegant, and she loved me beyond anything. So how does her dying when I was 15 yrs old have anything to do with my three divorces?”

I would propose that it’s quite possible it has everything to do with your divorces, especially if the grief hasn’t been properly processed.

That is just one example and it’s an example that isn’t so obvious. Abuse is obvious. We all have our own stories and heartaches that need to be tended to with love, whether they are obvious or not.

Soul Retrieval, is a Native American and Shamanic practice, that can heal those childhood wounds. We can actually go back as the adults we are, and offer the love, acceptance, validation, and recognition that we needed so desperately in those hurtful, fearful, and confusing moments of our childhood. We can actually liberate our present moment by healing the trauma of our past.  If you would like more information about how Soul Retrieval can help you.

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