Finding Love in a Harsh World

Finding Love in a Harsh World

How would your relationships be different if every day you embodied the freedom and liberation captured in this image? And not just embody it for a moment or two, but actually sustain it as a permanent part of who you are . . . like . . .you were just free to be YOU . . . no matter what someone says, does, or doesn’t do?

To think about it sounds amazing. But how many of us really believe it’s possible? Not many.

Yet, we all keep chasing this experience in hopes of gaining more love, connection, peace, acceptance, forgiveness, purpose, significance, and a sense of belonging . . . all because we are convinced that getting those things would most assuredly make us feel extraordinary!

The problem is that we pursue these things from a state of amnesia not realizing we are operating from unconscious beliefs programmed by lack, desperation, anxiety, depression, worry, fear, confusion, heartbreak, and powerlessness, all deeply rooted in the traumas of yesterday.

But we don’t think that is the really the problem at all. A long time ago, we drank the kool-aid believing that our problem really stems from people not understanding us, seeing our value, respecting our opinions, giving us the love we deserve, or treating us kindly.

But you see, life isn’t random and it just doesn’t one day jump out of the closet and say, “Surprise! Everything is now going to work out and life will be perfect, peaceful, and prosperous from here out and you don’t have to do anything about your traumas, heartaches, and wounded programming.”

If that is how life and the Universe worked, it would have to go into the same denial that we are all having to wake up from. The Universe, Spirit, God, whatever will never dumb itself down nor dim its Light in order to appease our every whim and fantasy about what we think will make us happy.

The bottom line is . . . if we want more love in our life and relationships . . . then we must go within and do our internal work. Not JUST when we have a crisis. We do our work until it becomes our lifestyle. And then it becomes our prayer.

When asked how she was going to dumb down or turn her presidential campaign into a bumper sticker, Marianne Williamson was quoted, “I don’t want to get shallow for you. You get deep with me.”

And that is precisely what the Universe is asking us to do . . . to go deep. To get real. To become authentic. To take a time out and resist the temptation and seduction of everyday distractions.

Mother Teresa said, “It’s not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do.”

We need to go beyond our relationship status and focus on cultivating a deeper love for ourselves, for nature, and for each other.  We need to be having deeper conversations from the vulnerability of our hearts about what that really means.  We need consistent exploration and curiosity of what gets in the way.  And we need to become masters of the art of letting go.

Love can only be found in the places where it truly lives . . . within.  Once we are able to connect to where it lives within us, we can then transcend it into knowing we are that. 

Then we can pursue all of the wonderful experiences of our worldly life with freedom and liberation, knowing that we could never be left feeling abandoned, forgotten, or without support.

So when you look for love . . .  look within.