Dream a New Dream in 2020

Dream a New Dream in 2020

This year, I resolve to say “2020” as many times as possible just because I love the way it sounds!

You know what else I resolve to do? I resolve to become explosively courageous in the face of failure when pursuing all of my 2020 dreams!

I believe Winston Churchill said it best, “Success is not final and failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Years ago, I made a valuable observation about failure . . .

People normally set goals they secretly think are realistic or are desperate to accomplish. Rarely, do we set goals that inspire us to dream something into being that is so outrageous, so out of reach, or would be considered ridiculous by those around us.

Why? Because we know we would experience failure along the way. We know there would be a learning curve and we would then negotiate our threshold of failure based on our perceived capability of accomplishing something completely absurd by most people’s standards. Therefore, we unconsciously set limitations and shrink our imagination to fit the confines of our comfort zone.

Basically, we want the best of both worlds – that which we are pursuing to achieve AND saving face during the process. In other words, we want achieve goals that are “good enough” and we want to look good doing it.

That way of thinking doesn’t require much courage at all.

The following short stories are from real clients with real heartaches, trying to feel better through transforming their inner world and translating it to their current life circumstances.

While their stories are abbreviated, they are courageous just the same.

A client came to me with his business in serious financial trouble and was in need of increasing his income quickly. He set a goal of manifesting “x” amount of dollars within a certain time frame. I proposed we double the number and make the focus more about removing his blocks to receiving. Through improving his sense of self love, value, and worth, he was able to actually surpass the goal we set for him well within his time frame.

Another client was determined to save her marriage that was on the brink of divorce. Despite her deep seeded belief that it was her spouse that needed to change, I proposed we change her. Reluctantly but willingly, she conceded to go where she had never gone before . . . to her past. What was once thought of something she would NEVER get over, she got over and continues to get over. And as a result, her marriage is turning around beautifully.

Here’s one more example . . .

A mother came to me with a tremendous heartache over the failing relationship between her and her daughter and son-in-law. She desperately wanted to free herself as the hostage of their controlling and manipulative behaviors. So once again, we traversed the inner layers of her psyche and co–dependent patterns. As it turned out, this holiday season became one of the most pleasant holidays she has had in years with her family.

Did they stumble and fall along the way? Yes? Did they want to quit at times? Yes. Did it require tremendous trust on their part to surrender to the process? Absolutely! Did they feel they weren’t doing the process right at times? Of course! Did they want to crawl out of their skin at other times? Yes! Did they struggle with feelings of failure? They totally did!

But they also had the courage, as Winston Churchill spoke about, to CONTINUE the journey of growth. And you know what that gave them . . . RESULTS and BREAKTHROUGHS.

So as you embark on this new year and all that you dream of accomplishing, remember your courage. Because you will need it in the moments you step out of your comfort zone and begin to explore yourself in a whole new way.

So go ahead . . . dream a new dream. And when you do, dream it so big that it inspires all of heaven’s angels to conspire with you to make it a joyous reality.

Happy New Year, my friend. May you summon your deepest courage and embrace your greatest successes and failures as one and the same. It’s never about what we get in the end but who we BECOME for have taken the journey!

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