About Jayne

I’m Jayne Clark and I am a Relationship Expert and Coach.  My work is devoted to helping you identify the real source of suffering, within your relationships, and then providing proven tools, processes, and techniques by which to transform that suffering into more self love, value, and worthiness.

Together, we will liberate the emotionally damaging stories, beliefs, and identities born from unhealed wounds and traumas so that you can step fully into your personal power to create conscious relationships that are nurturing, fulfilling, and aligned with your soul’s authentic needs and desires. 

 My deepest passion is serving clients who are chronically stressed out, anxious and unfulfilled in their relationships and are truly ready to make the necessary internal changes to create a positive Quantum Shift in all of their relationship experiences. 

jayne clark about me


Because I’ve been there too.  I know, all too well, the searing heat that comes from both shame and rage of losing every bit of self esteem and sense of value from being in highly dysfunctional relationships.  And the worse part of it all is, not knowing how to either get out of them or resolve them peacefully.   

So when clients come to me with relationship issues surrounding abandonment, betrayal, infidelity, and / or devastating loss . . . I get it.  I am also an expert in knowing how to heal, restore, and recover those lost parts of ourselves so that we may focus more on who we are becoming for having endured the journey, rather than, staying stuck in the actual events and experiences. 

For the past 14 years, I have been transforming the lives of my clients through one on one sessions, workshops, retreats and Sacred Soul Healing Journey’s.      

Though I am currently based in Austin, Texas, my work has reached around the world from Israel, Australia, Russia, Germany, the UK, and all over the US. 

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I have extensive training in soul retrieval, shamanic ceremony, sound bowl healing, chakra systems, law of attraction, metaphysics, quantum mechanics, meditation, and the quantum field. For the past 30 years, I have been a student of A Course In Miracles, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Shamanism. 

I am also a certified Level 3 Medium and Spiritual Advisor through the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development as well as a Ho’oponopono practitioner through the Global Sciences Foundation.

How I can Help You

  • With my experience, I can deeply empathize and quickly understand your relationship challenges with precision and accuracy.
  • With my intuition, I can energetically identify the dynamics and blocks that keep you bound in co-dependency and negativity.
  • With my wisdom, I can provide you with proven strategies to help you create greater fulfillment and connection within all of your relationships.
Working with Jayne has allowed me to show up more present in my relationships without expectations or needing to hide my true self. I have a new found confidence that helps me to be more relaxed about things that normally stress me out or bring out insecurities. You never cease to amaze me, Jayne, with the gifts and talents you bring to the world.
Larina Hajjafar
Austin Texas
I just completed a very profound and remarkable Soul Retrieval session with Jayne. The way she facilitated the process allowed me to see that the inability of owning my truth, speaking up for myself, stating my needs and desires in relationships were all related to some painful experiences within my formative years. Having this level of insight and wisdom has freed me to live fully from my heart without fear of rejection or abandonment.
Elizabeth Rameriz
Austin Texas